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Signing a contract to improve the response time for emergency vehicles using traffic signal control technology

September 01, 2021

On September 1, 2021, The General Secretary represented EPTSC in signing the contract for the emergency response time optimization technology project, sponsored by Saudi Aramco, with Traffic Signal Technology Factory (TSTF). The objective of this project is to use preemption technology for improving Red Crescent (RC) response time in an effort to reduce MVA fatalities in Dammam metropolitan area, this technology will be installed at 20 carefully selected intersections leading to major hospitals and 15 RC ambulances. The need for such technology has become evident since the expansion of SAHER cameras on signalized intersections as vehicles are not allowing ambulances to go thru these signals during emergencies which is causing major delays to the RC response teams. Therefore, this technology will used to manipulate traffic signals allowing the emergency vehicle right-of-way smoothly. Emergency Time Response Optimization at EP Major Traffic Signals project is one of TSSP’s high impact initiatives to reduce MVA fatalities within the EP communities.

Source: EPTSC Media Center