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Governor of Eastern Province leads the meeting of the Traffic Safety Committee in the region

March 11, 2021

His Highness affirmed that traffic safety is a fundamental pillar of the quality of life and an important element in achieving the desired national transformation, pointing out that the wise leadership - may God bless it - sensed the damage caused by traffic accidents to people and the infrastructure, in addition to the human and material losses that the accidents left, calling for strengthening Partnering with various entities to preserve the achievements made, and to continue working to consolidate the value of traffic safety among all road users, with a focus on the youth category as they represent future drivers Prince Saud bin Nayef considered motivation an important part of the system to raise traffic safety, which is what the Eastern Region Award for Ideal Driver has adopted, which attracted a wide range of registrants from the various governorates of the Eastern Province, and emphasized that creating awareness is a work that requires a study and a deep understanding of the nature of society and its aspirations. What touched from the competition was the desire of everyone to adhere to the ideal drive, and for the roads of the Eastern Region to be roads that adhere to safety instructions

His Highness also stressed the importance of working on an integrated system of solutions that anticipates the future, works to anticipate developments in the transport sector, and creates solutions, whether engineering or control and control solutions, with the importance of intensifying and developing awareness efforts, and working on creating preventive solutions, and integrating technology into the management process. Traffic, black point treatment.

His Highness, the Governor of the Eastern Region, praised the efforts made by the committee during the last period, and its benefit from the Corona pandemic period in addressing a number of points and speeding up the work of some initiatives, urging the committee and its members to continue efforts and do more, and work in a team spirit to preserve the achievements made.

Source: SPA