About Us

Message from General-Secretary


Welcome to the Eastern Province Traffic Safety Council. On behalf of our General-Secretary, we invite you to take some time to explore our services and programs. The Traffic Safety Council offers a range of programs and services to the Eastern Province community. The Council has managed to create an effective model with tangible impact. As a non-profit, it has made a difference in pedestrian mindsets and behaviors in the Province.

In March 2016, the Qyadati program received a well-deserved prize within the Middle East. It’s one of our programs that uses technology and multiple languages to reach drivers. The following year, in 2017, the "Traffic Safety Kit" program was launched, addressing the next generation of males and females to instill traffic safety values into their behavior and thinking. The program targets students of all ages. Our platform is quite informative, and we invite our visitors to sign up to keep up-to-date on the Council's developments, including programs, events, news, and initiatives.

Wish you all safe driving,

General-Secretary of Eastern Province Traffic Safety Council (EPTSC)